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WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 08:54

By Sophie Lucas, Staff Writer


6 years I have liked you

5 letters in your name

4 years you liked me back

3 words I want to say

2 ways I could say it

1 time I know won’t work


I thought it was over

That my feelings were through

But no matter where I was I kept thinking of you

My stomach did flips

While my heart burst

Even though I knew you liked someone else


No matter what you are still my friend

We have known each other for too long

Plus you mean to much me

As a friend

And no matter how hard I try to forget

You matter to me as something more


It’s how you are such a dork

You care, but show it in weird ways

You get overly excited over what you love

How you can act tough, but you’re terrified of horror movies

How even if I haven’t seen you in forever you act like we talk every day

I don’t think you ever noticed, I make fun of the people I like to hide how much I care


I won’t say the L word

Because if I say it

It will be true

I will have fallen for you

There  would be no cure

I will have passed 6


Teen artwork – “Untitled”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/26/2020 - 08:18


By Alexandra Chichester, Staff Artist

Teen Artwork: “Static Dreamland”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/19/2020 - 08:45

“Static Dreamland”

Follow the artist on Instagram @ghostietrickster


WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/19/2020 - 08:00

By apollosbones, Staff Writer


I hear your call,

I hear my name being

questioned above my head,

I hear the music blasting.

I hear my uneven breath.


Yet here I sit; still.

Still on the tile floor,

back pressed against the door,

shaky hands tangled in the bath mat .


The party isn’t over,

I remind myself that

I’m wanted in a place

I don’t want to be.


Baby, you should know

that you are the one

who doesn’t want yourself.

Why don’t you want you?


You don’t want you

to be happy, honey

it’s you that doesn’t want

you to thrive.


Take a dive

off the deep end,

love, you’re going

to be alright.

Teen Artwork: “Untitled”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/12/2020 - 08:50


by Maria Mesina, Staff Artist

The 11th Floor

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/12/2020 - 08:46

By MJ Maheu, Staff Writer


I’m on the 11th floor

I remember this day like never before

My heart aches and it soars, through a sky cloudy with pain and anguish

I remember seeing my grandfather laying in his hospital bed

Wires and monitors near his head

My family, both cousins and aunts; uncles and my mother all gather ’round

This is the time I dread

Music fills the room, tears fall silently

My uncle’s friends are now leaving

I stand with my brother-like uncle watching silently

As hours go by, my whole body aches but there’s nothing I can do

At half past one on that cold fall night

The twenty-first of October my grandfather’s gone

To this day the pain hasn’t subsided

Some days I kinda want to cry

But I’ll be strong for my mom and her family

Cause now I know what it’s like to almost lose someone,

Someone as special as a father

Teen Artwork: “Trippy Love”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/05/2020 - 07:49

“Trippy Love”

Follow the artist on Instagram @quoy_fish_arts

Blue Sky of Thoughts

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 03/05/2020 - 07:42

By Avalos


When I had a dream I was young

When I had an opportunity I was hurt

When I picked myself up I was vigorous

I still remember looking up the sky and

Dreaming of a new life HOPE..


Can’t forget the time I left my soil to

Come and reach a new life. I never lost the hope

Of coming back to those I left behind

Life clashed into my face many times but I still

Try to be strong for those I love and hope I’ll be happy

I lost myself again

Into a deep sea of sorrows and never letting

Anyone see what my soul was howling to show


I lost a mother 3 times and I still had hope to finally

Get the love of one of them

Rejection was a solid part of my life but I never

Gave up. I keep hoping to finally reach that peace

that I’m missing


I’ve been everywhere but at the same time I’ve been nowhere

I’m pretty cynical about life itself

I’m glad I’m a girl and sometimes I stop I think for

A second and hope I can keep being a fool a beautiful little fool

Who just blinds herself to just stop being in agony


All the bright precious things faint so fast and they never come back

Just like the day I left my happiness aside and emerged into

A glass full of doubts


Three beautiful lights are in my blue sky

One of them says you can the other one hold onto me

And say don’t leave. For them I have hope and I have

Love that will protect them forever


I still hope with one day just getting it back

A day that I can almost touch and see

And just wake up to a blue sky of thoughts where

The tempest would never reach me again I hope I hope

I hope my Blue sky of thoughts is coming soon

Teen Artwork: “Color Bars”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/27/2020 - 07:20

“Color Bars”

Follow the artist on Instagram @tweekcult


WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/27/2020 - 07:15

by Dahlia, Staff Writer


I think my heart is fighting my mind

And I think my mind is winning


Because it seems like I can’t feel anything

It’s making my ears ring

With all the voices surrounding me

I might just have to flee

From the craziness and chaos

From being emotionless


My mind is fighting against my heart and my mind is winning


Logic is taking over

I’m feeling like a leftover

From the onslaught I couldn’t have prepared for

I swore so many times I wouldn’t go through this again

But yet here we are


My mind is done fighting against my heart, my heart given up


I can’t feel anything

My ears ring

My eyes cry

My hands shake

My breath quickens

My fists clench

I’m not in control of me anymore

A Battle Between Two Wills

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/20/2020 - 07:13

by The Delirious Sapphic, Staff Writer


Walls closing in around me,

Encasing me in a tomb of misery,

Forever imprisoned in my mind,

Can’t seem to find a key


I know it’s happening again,

Escalating against my own will,

I want to stop it but I never can,

A sorrowful story it is to tell


It’ll be over soon,

At least that’s what I wish,

But I can’t help the feeling of impending doom,

Like Death’s eternal kiss.


A battle between two wills,

Both grappling over my mind,

But my anxiety always prevails,

Sharp and refined


It’s always there,

It never ceases,

Lurking in its lair,

Hiding in the creases.


I hope it’ll get better,

But really, it never can,

I’ll be alone forever,

But then I never really am.

Teen Artwork: “Merdragon”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/20/2020 - 07:11


By Maria Mesina, Staff Artist

Teen Artwork: “Untitled”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/13/2020 - 07:57


By Alexandra Chichester, Staff Artist


WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/13/2020 - 07:07

By apollosbones, Staff Writer



A play in ten minutes



M1L0:                                  A teenage robot with a top hat.

Professor “Lily” Lilith:                      An evil robotics scientist, “mother” of M1L0.

TIME: 2050.

Place Professor Lily’s lab, somewhere in the South.



Scene 1

SETTING:   A cheap, but futuristic, lab, full of failed experiments and bottles of alcohol. There’s a low hum, coming from the various generators. It’s a sad looking place, very gray and unpleasant to the eye.


AT RISE:   M1L0 stands by a counter, hands plugged into a charging block in front of him. He’s sulking, but singing rather quietly to himself. PROFESSOR LILY hurries on stage, dropping papers and such, she’s trying to carry too much. She looks angry.


PROFESSOR LILY: –my God, where is that piece of junk–singing? Are you singing?

(M1L0 jumps at the sudden loud noise.)  M-one-L-zero, what did I say about singing?


M1L0: That humans do it, and I should not, because I am not human. I know, you’ve told me.

PROFESSOR LILY: That’s what I thought, Robot. You are not human, and you need to start acting like it. You’re just a bucket of bolts, got that?


M1L0: But, Mom–


PROFESSOR LILY: What did you just call me, M-One-L-Zero? I know for a fact you didn’t use the ‘M’ word. We’ve been over this.


M1L0: Nothing, Professor Lilith. Nothing.  (PROFESSOR LILY scurries around the lab, looking for something.)  Actually… uhm, ma’am, I do have something to ask.


PROFESSOR LILY: Well go on, I don’t have too much time.


M1L0: Can you start using my real name?


(PROFESSOR LILY stops in her tracks, slowly turns towards M1L0)


PROFESSOR LILY: What do you mean? I use your name all the time. That’s the name I gave to you.


M1L0: That’s exactly what I mean. You call me a bunch of letters and numbers, Mom–Professor Lilith, I want to be called an actual name. The other kids get to have names, they get them when they’re born, studies show that 99.4 percent of the time, newborn babies are given names at the hospital–


PROFESSOR LILY: M-One-L-Zero, you are the .06 percent. And you know very well you aren’t a kid, you are a seventeen year old robot, a standing pile of bolts and oil. You weren’t born in a hospital, you weren’t even birthed. I created you, here. And this is where I named you, right here.


M1L0: Right… I just… thought that it would be cool if, you know, I had a name. Something that’s… that’s mine. You know, Kevin 3.0 has a name, the only numbers are at the end, and–


PROFESSOR LILY: It would not be cool, M-One-L-Zero… it would not be cool for me, that is. What name would you want to go by, anyways? Kyle?


M1L0: Milo.  (PROFESSOR LILY pauses, her mouth is open but she doesn’t 

say anything.)   You won’t even have to change any of the numbers in my name, they already look like an ‘i’ and an ‘o’, isn’t that cool? I really think that–


PROFESSOR LILY: No-no-no, you absolutely cannot have a name, that is the last time I’ll tell you, Robot. You cannot have a name, and you will not have a name. Now, disconnect yourself and go have a seat by the generator, you have lots of homework to finish.  (M1L0 removes his hands, but stands still. PROFESSOR LILITH shoos him with her hands.)  Go on, now.


M1L0: It’s not even really homework, it’s just stuff you don’t know how to finish–selling parts isn’t even that hard, Mom. And why can’t I have a name? I’ll be around forever, I think the least you can do is allow me to call myself Milo. That’s all I ask for.  (PROFESSOR LILY looks shaken, angry and about to cry.)  Just one name.


PROFESSOR LILY: No… you won’t be here forever.


M1L0: (excitedly) We’re moving? Where? Will I have my own room? A brother? Will I get my own charging station? That would be awesome! I can imagine it, having my own little space–I can decorate it and–


PROFESSOR LILY: M-One-L-Zero… you’re going somewhere else… many places, all at once.


M1L0: What do you mean? Am I uploading data again? It wasn’t that fun, you know, I really had a hard time readjusting to those computers–


PROFESSOR LILY: (to herself) Maybe you’ll be in France, or Britain… Mexico, maybe…


M1L0: Professor, what do y-


PROFESSOR LILY: (cutting him off, to herself) I think your eyes will go the farthest…maybe your heart will. I think “Doctor” Rhinehart wanted that…


(M1L0 covers his eyes, then his heart as they are named.)


M1L0: My eyes? My heart? I need tho–

PROFESSOR LILY: Oh the money people are willing to pay for your hands, your joints, for your head–oh, or for your cooling fans… they’d just kill each other for one of your knee caps, maybe even pay extra for a joint… (PROFESSOR LILY smiles evilly, she turns to look at M1L0.)  But the price of loneliness I’ll have to pay in your absence…  (M1L0’s dials start to malfunction, the lights flicker. PROFESSOR LILY wipes her tears away.)  Is worth it.


(walks over to the outlet on the counter, starts to unplug M1L0 from it. She looks money-hungry, almost.)


M1L0: Wait! Please!


PROFESSOR LILY: (pauses) What?


M1L0: Just once, before–before you take me apart… please–


PROFESSOR LILY: (agitated) What? Please, what, Robot? What do you want?  (long pause, gets more agitated.)


M1L0: Call me Milo, once, please, Professor.  (PROFESSOR LILY tightens her grip on the plug, starts to loosen it. M1L0 grows weak, words sound more robotic as M1L0 speaks.)  It-it-it is-is the least-least you can-can-can do.


PROFESSOR LILY: You were of… use to me, Milo.


(M1L0 falls to the floor, metal clanging as he hits the ground.)






WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 02/06/2020 - 07:52

By Lizzie Messer, Staff Writer


She was deep…

Deep as a well…

But on the outside she was a shell.

Of smiles and laughter and everything well.

But alone and inside she would always weep.

As her fears began to creep.

As her own monster tore her apart.

And meddled with her brain and heart.

And she was brought down.




People told her she was too quiet.

But when she spoke nobody heard.

Not even a single word.

So her fears began a riot.

And in her own head she began to drown.

Teen Artwork: “Bastet”

WCFL Teens Blog - Wed, 02/05/2020 - 19:56


Follow the artist on Instagram @jai_the_wizard


WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 01/30/2020 - 07:47

By Sophie Lucas, Staff Writer






I no longer need sleep

It’s hard to even move my feet






On  the ground

Even at 13 caffeine is the reason I walk

The words spoken by the teachers go


T     H    R    O   U   G    H

my ears

Geometry becomes meaningless shapes that float through the air


Science is the forgotten language

While math is the language that must be spoken by all


Every child with potential must be an engineer

They have to be forced to study until their eyes bleed







I’m 13, but feel 23


Already searching for colleges


And I can’t sleep


Trying my best


But I’m





Teen Artwork: “Roxy Homestuck”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 01/30/2020 - 07:17

“Roxy Homestuck”

“Roxy Homestuck”

Follow the artist on Instagram @egb3rts

Teen Artwork: “Penguin Riding a Pegasus”

WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 01/23/2020 - 07:30

“Penguin Riding a Pegasus”

Follow the artist on Instagram @erosumski_


WCFL Teens Blog - Thu, 01/23/2020 - 07:30

By Lizzie Messer, Staff Writer



I am always overwhelmed by that feeling,

Where your heart won’t slow down,

And your mind is freaking out.

And your palms are sweating,

And I can’t help but feel,

Like I did something wrong.


I’m overwhelmed by anxiety,

And I can’t stop shaking,

And there’s no way to stop it,

And I’m constantly miserable,

And I can’t stop thinking about how it would be,

If it just stopped.

If I just stopped.


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