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A StoryWalk in the Park

Two young readers in bright summer tshirts and shorts stand in front of the storywalk board reading

Washington County Free Library is committed to promoting health and wellness in our community. Reading with loved ones is great exercise for young minds: sounding out words together is like lifting weights, imaginative bedtime stories are mental yoga, and finishing that first big chapter book might feel like crossing the finish line of a marathon! So why not combine the mental fitness of reading with the healthy benefits and fun of a visit to the park? 

Your library, in partnership with the City of Hagerstown Parks & Recreation, and with generous support from Meritus Health and Kiwanis of Hagerstown, has installed a permanent StoryWalk in City Park! At the south end of the park, families can walk along a designated trail while enjoying a children’s book page by page. Pedestals with frames to protect story pages are spaced along the path to be enjoyed at a leisurely or a brisk pace. 

The walk between pages gives families the chance to engage young readers: What do they think might happen next in the story? What words best describe the main character? It is also a great time to get some exercise in! Challenge your young readers to do 10 jumping jacks, balance on one foot for 30 seconds, or practice mindful breathing for one minute before you reach the next page-- the possibilities are endless!  

Librarians choose new stories for the StoryWalk every few months so readers of all ages can enjoy the experience again and again. This new trail encourages parents to read more with their children, develop in families a love of healthy physical activity, give kids the opportunity to connect with nature and the outdoors, and provide our community with a wonderful place for making childhood memories. 

Washington County Free Library, City of Hagerstown Parks & Recreation, Meritus Health, and Kiwanis of Hagerstown are all so excited to read and walk with you! 

For information about the Meritus Health’s Healthy Washington County Go for Bold Initiative, visit