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WCFL Staff Picks of 2022

Open pink gift box with covers of staff pick books floating between the bottom of the gift box and the top

While library staff don't get to read at work, we do spend a lot of time around our favorite books! We absolutely love finding treasures on the shelves and sharing them with you. From non-fiction to manga to mysteries, here are some of the gems we enjoyed in 2022: 

Desert Star by Michael Connelly
"Love the Harry Bosch series! This book brings Harry out of retirement to be a consultant and demonstrate his great detective skills."
-Kathy S., Fletcher Branch Library

The Fox and Little Tanuki by Tagawa Mi 
"My favorite read this year is a more recent manga series called The Fox and Little Tanuki by Tagawa Mi. It is about a black fox named Senzou being tasked with taking care of a young tanuki (raccoon dog) by the Sun Goddess in order to atone for his past wicked deeds. Not only is this comedy/fantasy story entertaining, it also teaches readers about Japanese folklore and superstitions of “bakemono,” or shape-shifting creatures. All of the volumes are in our system and the English translations of Volumes 4 and 5 were released this past year."
-Kielen S., Williamsport Memorial Library

Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh
"Such an interesting take on family relationships, beautifully written."
-Jenny B., Flether Branch Library

Marching Home: Union Veterans and Their Unending Civil War by Brian Matthew Jordan
"This book was a great look into the world of the Civil War soldier following all the chest-thumping gallantry of the war. It brings home the stories of real soldiers and the battles they faced. It could be a testament to the modern soldier coming home from the Global War on Terror."
-John M., Smithsburg Branch Library

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
"This book was recommended to me by a few people, and I was never a fan of Chemistry in school! It's a lovely story about a strong female character, a chemist, and a glimpse into her life. Set in the 1950s, it shows how things are a lot different for women now than they were then. Strong, intelligent women were not treated the same as their male counterparts. This loveable, character-driven novel is definitely worth the read
-Jennifer R., Williamsport Memorial Library

Sooley by John Grisham
"Enter into the world civil war, guerrilla fighters, and refugee camps. An unlikely hero makes the national basketball team by the skin of his teeth and pity by the head coach. He works and works to improve, and becomes the darling of the March Madness."
-David S., Fletcher Branch Library