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Annual Report 2017-18

Not Your Grandmother's Library

Several years ago a national car manufacturer ran a successful ad campaign to change the image of their brand. They wanted to attract younger, sophisticated buyers. Their new slogan became, “not your grandmother’s” (fill in make here.)

Today, America’s public libraries provide so much more to their communities than they did twenty, ten or even five years ago. To that end Washington County Free Library, like its fellow public libraries across the country, is joining with the American Library Association to raise awareness of how today’s public libraries are serving their communities. The services your library offers to the citizens of Washington County do not rest merely on housing rows of books. Today it is about the Internet, digital information and technologies, and educational classes for all ages. This is what it takes, in the twenty-first century, to enable our citizens to meet basic needs and provide for their broad spectrum of interests.

As part of this awareness campaign, the American Library Association is promoting “The E’s of Libraries.” Utilizing the Expert assistance of information professionals who work at your library, Washington County Free Library provides classes, programs and one on one assistance to facilitate: Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Engagement for Everyone.

From the earliest young learner, WCFL provides informative quality educational classes and programs for all ages that include helping the job seeker learn to write a resume and then how to upload that resume and job application on the Internet. We help those seeking to start a business or non-profit with information on making a business plan or how to find grant opportunities. Your library empowers people whether they are seeking to educate themselves before making an important purchase or researching where to find financial aid in pursuing their higher education and job training goals. With our forums and programs that bring our community together to share information and conversation, your library helps to break down barriers inviting neighbors to get to know each other.

Your library is for everyone regardless of circumstance. Washington County Free Library and the hardworking staff who serve in all of our branches and bookmobile, along with public libraries across these United States, remains one of the great democratic cornerstones of our country and our republic.

Mary Baykan, Executive Director

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