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2023 Contest Winners

Post-it note against confetti background with handwritten font

Congratulations to the honorees of our 2023 Design a Bookmark Contest and the Poetry & Short Story Writing Contest!
Thank you to those who entered!


Bookmark Contest

Marley Mitchell, age 6

Olivia Baugardner, age 8

Alivia Crouse, age 10

Sofia McHugh, age 12

We had over 200 submissions for this contest! Bookmarks with the winning designs will be available at libraries throughout the county!


Poetry & Short Story Contest


Grades 2-3

Eden Scott, The Crazy Animal Adventure

Eden Scott, Flightless Birds

Mya Brooks, Fly in the Sky


Grades 4-5

Teresa Suiter, Marching Water

Ellie Rhoderick, Precious Problems

Molly Stottlemyer, Night


Grades 6-8

Piper Hemingway, My Return

Ella LaBrush, Silence

Jack Downey, Locked


Grades 9-12

Anna Louise Steig, We Lay and Decay

Hunter Liao, I Listen to the World Around Me

Calista Vaughan, In the End



Rebecca Melody, Linwood Nights in the ‘50s

Emily Wilson, Blowing My Cover

Julianna Vaughan, Roots


Short Stories

Grades 2-3

Evelyn McElwee, Harry Potter Meets Pokémon 

Tvisha Jain, Sparkle and the Shimmer Worms

Madeline Ashley, The Two Smartest Dogs in the World


Grades 4-5

Lucy Noelle Matthews, Untitled Document

Joshua Elijah Turner, The Fellowship of the Toys

Elizabeth Boldyga, Jimmy and the Stove


Grades 6-8

Sofia McHugh, Summer Camp Vandal

Leah Martin, Survival of the Fittest

Safoorah Ali, Untitled


Grades 9-12

Michaella Muyderman, A Date with the Seven Deadly Sins

Katana Hackett, At Tabletop Mountain

Lily Rei Brown, Wish



Andy White, Miss Jenny’s

Desi Rogers, See Them


Toby Stickley, How Gardens Grow