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Annual Poetry and Short Story Writing Contest Winners

Papers with handwritten announcement of winners with pen and paperclips to side


Congratulations to the winners of this year's Poetry and Short Story Writing Contest! Thank you to everyone who submitted their work; our community is full of talented poets and writers of all ages!


Grades 2-3
Aiden Morgan for "Rain"
Natalie Farioli for "Leap Into Gymnastics"
Mae Edwards for "The Lunchbox" 

Grades 4-5
Angela Morgan for "I Am Winter"
Ella Rowland for "Water"
Leah Unger for "Sadness"

Grades 6-8
Maddox Begosh for " he Awkward Era of Middle School"
Hazel Edwards for "What Does Love Smell Like?"
Katlyn Wiles for "The Mask"

Grades 9-12
Ariona Heise for "Two Sides of Life"
Andrea Trumble for "The Creature"
Logan Jones for "Baling Hay"

Geneva Eby for "Needed"
Dana Getka for "Margaret's Brother"
Amanda Dorsey for "Supplication to the Devouring Mother"


Short Story

Grades 2-3
Swarit Upadhyay for "The Farmer and His Twins" 
Ashley Siyou for "Rayylen and D" 
Avery Ramkissoon for "Dr. Pollution & Triple A's Adventure" 
Grades 4-5
Ben Galioto for "Change"  
Fatima McHugh for "Travel Through Time" 
Chloe Howe for "The Crazy Night" 
Grades 6-8
Avery Morgan for "Memory"
Storm Wolford for "Untitled"
Aiden Pozsgay for "The Brawler"
Grades 9-12
Kate Prenger for "A Funny Coincidence"
Logan Matthews for "Chew"
Allyson Palmer for "The Other Side" 
Nancy Ferguson for "This Too, Shall Pass" 
Sharon Buckley for "Jack and the Perfect Soldier"
Mike Pindell for "Pendulum BrokenDown" 
Janet Cochrane for "Shared Reality"