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Bookmark Contest 2020

Image of hand holding up cloud against sky with contest name in bubble letters above

Due to the extended closing of the library, entries for the Design a Bookmark Contest will be accepted until at least April 17th.  They will not be printed in time for National Library Week as previously advertised, but will be available as soon as possible after the deadline!  Contact with any questions.

In honor of Youth Art Month, the Children’s Department is sponsoring a Design a Bookmark Contest. Official entry blanks and rules will be available at all branches and on this page. Winning bookmarks will be printed and available during National Library Week in April as well as over the summer during our Summer Reading Club. Contact the Children’s Department t 301-739-3250 ext. 250 for details.

To enter the contest:

1. Draw your arwork within the box in the form provided below. One entry per person. Use any colors you want, but please do not use computer art. See guidelines for more details.

2. Fill in the contact information on the form and circle the age category of the entry. Please print clearly. 

3. Return your design to any Washington County Free Library branch by March 31, 2020.

The winning bookmarks will be printed and available in all Washington County Free Library branches by April 19, 2020 and will also be used as part of the Summer Reading Club.



  • Bookmarks judged on originality, design, and reproducibility.
  • Original entries only.  Do not trace or use copyrighted images, such as cartoon characters.
  • Design must reflect the theme “Imagine Your Story.”
  • Contest is open to children ages 5 - 12 who live in Washington County or have a valid WCFL library card.
  • All entries must be clear and reproducible.
  • If you include words, check for correct spelling and that writing is clear and fits the space well.
  • When using marking pens, avoid fluorescent or neon colors.
  • For crayons and colored pencils, make sure the colors are filled in and solid. Sketching does not reproduce well.
  • No computer generated art.
  • Use this entry form or an exact photocopy of the same size. Do not enlarge or reduce the size.
  • Keep important design details away from the line around the box.
  • Entries may be turned in at any branch library and must be received by March 31, 2020. No e-mail submissions, please.


Winning bookmarks become the property of Washington County Free Library.  They will be printed and distributed as WCFL bookmarks and available during National Library Week and the 2020 Summer Reading Club. Winning bookmark designs may also be posted on the library’s website.