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Contest Winners

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Poetry Winners

Grades 2-3

Baseball by Cohen Michael

Dream of Dance by Natalie Farioli

Daddy by Haydyn Green

Grades 4-5

On a Snowy Night by Emma Rosenberry

Winter Poem by Owen Kemmerer

Basketball Star by Logan Farioli

Grades 6-8

Winter and Summer by Mara Goetz

Betrayal by Alyssa Pinto

Spring & Winter by Madison Wininger

Grades 9-12

We All Have Dragons by Mackenzie McCarter

Summer by Brooke Morrow

Running Low by Sara Malott


My Only Boast by Kara Burkett

Addiction by Tokeya Medley

Fertilizer or Waste? by Benita Lawrence


Short Story Winners

Grades 2-3

Ms. Jones Went Missing by Avery Ramkissoon

Kat’s Adventure by Delaney Flanagan

The Hopper Hippos and the Fair by Hudson Mosher

Grades 4-5

The Problem in the Woods by Violet Schofield

Amelia and the Drama by Brielle Morales

Snow White and the Seven White Sisters by Georgia Green

Grades 6-8

The World Behind the Window by Payton Gish

Celestia’s Kingdom by Marley Deardorff

Untitled by Luke Keyser

Grades 9-12

A New Home for Chestnut by Ksenia Lowry-Neufeld

Untitled by Charity Parrott

Siblings by Joanna Whitmore


The Last Mission by Jim Aden

Jump by Dave Schofield

Shadows on the Wall by Kyle T. Raios