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2021 Contest Winners

Top half of image is colorful paint background with a solid pink band and Picture Book Contest, bottom half is paper texture with ink splatters and Poetry/Short Story Contest Winners

Thank you to all who submitted their picture book entries for the 2021 Easy Picture Book Writing Contest! This year's winners were:


Grades 4-5: Elizabeth Cross for Fred and Junior's Great Adventure!

Grades 6-8: Lily Rei Brown for The Bouquet of Bravery 

Adult: Robin Vance for Spangle Is a Sheep 


Thank you to all who submitted their picture book entries for the Annual Poetry and Short Story Writing Contest! This year's winners were:



Grades 2-3:

Antonio Booth for All About Birds

Ateara Booth for Swinging in Space

Kyleigh Boyer for From the Sky to the Grass!

Grades 4-5:

Fatima McHugh for Stories

Fatima McHugh for Ideas and Memories

Teagan Tucker for Fall 

Grades 6-8: 

Hunter Liao for Imagine

Calista Vaughan for When I get to where I'm headed

Helen Stottlemyer for Our Library

Grades 9-12:

Anna Steig for Sun Girl, a Shakespearean Sonnet

Annabelle Smith for Healing

Joanna Whitmore for Can't Anybody Hear Me Cry?


 Kathleen Hull for His Stone Wall

Nancy Ferguson for UNLESS

Jane Winfrey for MODERNIZING MOM


Short Story

Grades 2-3:

Sadie Kolbe for The Letter Lovers

Laaeba Faruqui for The Angry Snowman

Kyleigh Boyer for The Mystery of the Zoo 

Grades 4-5:

Fatima McHugh for In the City

Avery Ramkissoon for Red Umbrella

Swarit Upadhyay for The Boy, The King, and the Seed

Grades 6-8:

Emma Fentress for Son of the Sea

Hunter Liao for Package Thief

Helen Stottlemyer for Rebekah and the Magic Rabbit

Grades 9-12:

Anna Steig for Oasis

Ariona Heise for Don't cross the line

Annabelle Smith for This Is Where I Come From


 Barbara Wagner for The Courage of Convictions

Toby Stickley for Mourning

Eva McHugh for Stree-tesh


Congratulations to all!