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December McCauley Lecture

December McCauley Lecture
Photo of rock formations of Weaterton Cliffs overlooking Potomac River and adjacent mountain

Fletcher Branch Library
Community Room 308/309
100 S Potomac St
Hagerstown, MD 21740
301-739-3250 ext 350

McCauley Lecture Series

December 2, 2019 @ 7 PM: “An Illustrated Geological Tour of Western Maryland and Its Surrounding Areas"

Have you been to City Park where the spring emerges into a pool and runs over the limestone in a little waterfall?  The limestone is about 475 million years old--Ordovician age, geologists call it.  Have you been up to Cunningham Falls?  The volcanic greenstone the stream plunges down over is even older, dated at 600-560 million years old, Cambrian age.  Have you driven through the Sideling Hill roadcut on I-68?  The U-shaped beds of sandstone and shale there are Mississippian age, about 340 million years old.  These ages are hard to conceive of in human contexts.  Most western Marylanders spend their entire lives working and living on our geologically complex and varied little section of the planet without realizing where they are in the vast time-and-distance scheme of the earth.

In an old-fashioned photographic slide show, John Means will show you some places in Washington County and just over its borders where you can go and see some of our dear, old rocks.  They have supported us and all that we do for a long, long time, and they deserve some attention. Means taught at Hagerstown Junior and Community College for thirty-five years.  He has spent many wonder-filled days wandering around looking at the unique rock formations and then reading and trying to understand how they came to be here.  Winter is upon us, and it is the best season for looking at rocks.

This event is free to attend. For a complete list of lectures in this series, visit the McCauley Lecture page here