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Teen Volunteering at WCFL

VolunTeen @ WCFL, Apply here to help out and earn SSL hours




Teen volunteers must be between the ages of 13-18.  They must also complete the Virtual VolunTeen Application form.

In Case of Emergency

In case of sickness or an emergency, volunteers must contact the Teen Librarian, Jakki Williams, via email @ if they were expected to assist with a library program and can’t make it.   Failure to notify the Teen Librarian prior to the start of the program may result in suspension from the VolunTeen program.

Contact with WCFL

All communication about volunteering at WCFL will be conducted through email, so be sure to check your email frequently for updates.  A weekly email will be sent out with opportunities to sign up for the coming week, first come, first served.

Volunteer Orientation

New volunteers must attend orientation before their first shift.  Orientation will be held every other Saturday and posted on our Calendar of Events for registration.  You must register yourself for orientation.


Being late for assisting with library programs is not acceptable.  Being a VolunTeen means people are depending on you.  Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early for programs unless otherwise communicated.

Keeping Track of Volunteer Time

VolunTeens are responsible for signing in and out on the form provided.  Volunteers may submit book reviews, short stories, poetry, art work, and photography for publication in the Washingteenian.  All virtual projects should be submitted to


VolunTeens must dress in a library appropriate manner.  Volunteers may not wear spaghetti straps, short-shorts, flip-flops, or graphic t-shirts with inappropriate messages or images.

Behavioral Expectations

In-person volunteering is scheduled in advance-there are no drop-ins. We expect all VolunTeens to arrive for in-person shifts motivated and ready to assist.  Your volunteer shift is not the time for doing homework, reading a book, or checking your phone. 

For virtual volunteer opportunities, we expect all work turned in to be an original work created by the volunteer.  Do NOT pull reviews from Amazon and submit as your own.  For read-alike lists, you may consult other sources but the list in its entirety should not be pulled from a single source.



SSL hour forms and letters of recommendation must be requested by the volunteer well in advance of due date.