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Washington County Free Library in partnership with Western Maryland Regional Library has sponsored subscription access to for all patrons and staff. To enjoy unlimited access, simply visit the site while connected to the library’s internet network. Access includes current news coverage from The Post’s expert reporting and analysis from Washington and around the world.

While The Washington Post, published since December 6, 1877, has long been considered the newspaper of record when it comes to politics and global affairs, The Post also contains smart and thoughtful reporting on topics ranging from the environment to food and cooking. Readers will not only benefit from reading The Post’s coverage, but also enjoy The Post’s interactives and videos.

In 2018, The Post formally launched its Enterprise Solutions division, along with The Washington Post’s Public Library program.

Access instructions:

Onsite access: authenticates using the library’s IP ranges

  • Using either the library’s computers or the public Wi-Fi on personal devices
  • Find the link for onsite access to on the library’s page for digital resources
  • Select the onsite link to reach
  • Readers will be directed to the site  There should be no paywall and no registration prompt with onsite access


Offsite access: authenticates by log-in credentials, specifically an email address and password

  • Navigate to your library’s homepage; then go to the library’s page for digital resources
  • Locate and select the offsite (remote) access link for
  • Readers are taken to your library landing page at landing page with the following message  “Try The Washington Post free for the next 7 days. Enter your email to get started:”
  • Users should then register or log-in with two steps by entering an email address and password
  • Unrestricted offsite access is available to readers for 7 days, beginning at the point of entering the site after registering or logging in.  On the eighth day,  users should return to the library’s digital resource webpage and select the offsite access link for;  this triggers a new 7-day access period for the individual.