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Poetry and Short Story 2017 Winners Announced

Poetry and Short Story Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to our 2017 Poetry and Story Writing contest winners!


Grade 2 - 3
What Dog Is He? by Samantha Nieman
My Favorite Things by Helen Stottlemyer
My Backyard by James Stottlemyer

Grades 4- 5
Dragon by Nathanael Stottlemyer
Basketball by Evie Lewis
The Stars by Kendal Hoover

Grades 6 - 8
Poems by William Stottlemyer
Racing Home by Charity Parrott
Snowflakes by Lacey Sirbaugh

Grades 9 – 12
The Far Side of the Page by Holden Edward Strausser
Snowfall by Anisha Kosuri
Who Is Really Cold? by Brittany Durben

Cracking the Shell by Susan Burch
Ode to Little League Umpires by Robert E. VanLaningham
Night Driving by Kathleen Hull

Short Stories

Grades 2-3
Last Christmas Santa Made Me Rich by Nitya Sharma
The Dark Lord by Adyson Hade
The Deer Hunter by James Stottlemyer

Grade 4-5
The Willow and the Wind by Leah Pippen
You Have a Right to Be You by Caroline Matthews
Bollschak by Jackson Amos Baer

Grades 6-8
He’s Coming by Annette Martenot
The Intrusion by Lacy Fornwalt
My First Hit by Mckenzie Bere

Grades 9-12
The Courier by Holden Edward Strausser
The Great Shadow of London by Clair Volkening

The Gardener by Kitty Grant
It Happened Like This by Irene Turner
Youth in Asia by Tina M. Hultslander