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Two white caregivers, a man and woman, stand over a story panel to read to two children between them, a boy and a girl, along a wooded storywalk path

Enjoy the outdoors and a story together with a StoryWalk!

What is a StoryWalk?

A StoryWalk is an innovative and engaging way to promote reading and outdoor physical activity at the same time. It combines the pleasures of reading a children's book with the joys of walking in nature. As you stroll along a designated path, you'll encounter pages from a children's book displayed in outdoor stands, inviting you to read a story while enjoying the natural beauty of your surroundings.

StoryWalks were first conceived by Ann Ferguson of Montpelier, Vermont.

There are two permanent StoryWalks in Washington County in addition to temporary StoryWalks around the library's locations throughout the year. 

Hagerstown City Park StoryWalk

Location: Hagerstown City Park

The Hagerstown City Park StoryWalk offers a wonderful opportunity for families and book lovers to connect with both literature and nature. The featured book changes periodically, so you can enjoy different stories throughout the year. As you follow the panels from the south parking lot pathway, you'll encounter beautifully displayed pages from the selected book. It's a perfect outing for kids and adults alike.

Sharpsburg Park StoryWalk

Location: Sharpsburg Town Park

The Sharpsburg Park StoryWalk provides a unique reading experience in a peaceful outdoor setting. Explore the park while enjoying a story that changes seasonally. It's a fantastic way to combine a nature walk with the joy of reading. The StoryWalk is suitable for all ages and is sure to spark imagination and curiosity.


How to Enjoy the StoryWalks

Visit During Open Hours: Both StoryWalks are accessible during the parks' regular operating hours. Please check the park's website for hours of operation.

Start at the Trailhead: Look for the StoryWalk signs at the beginning of the trail. Each sign will guide you to the next page of the story.

Read Together: Take your time reading the story as you follow the path. It's a fantastic opportunity for caregivers and children to read together, ask questions, and discuss what is happening throughout the story. 

Enjoy Nature: While you read, take in the natural beauty around you. Pause to admire the trees, flowers, and wildlife.

Respect the Environment: Please help us keep our parks clean and beautiful by disposing of trash properly.

Share Your Experience: We'd love to see your StoryWalk adventures! Share your photos and tag us on social media posts! 


Support the StoryWalks

Washington County's StoryWalks are made possible through the generous support of community partners. 

Thank you to our StoryWalk sponsors! 
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Enjoy the magic of reading and nature with StoryWalks. We hope to see you on the trail soon!