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Internet Services

Wireless Internet

Available at all locations. Contact the Adult Services Department or see the information desk at your branch for more information.

Computer Management software

The Library uses SAM (Smart Access Management) Software to manage computer usage. This self-service system turns your library card into a combination login pass and debit card, allowing access to the Internet and printing. It is currently available at the computer centers in Hagerstown and the Boonsboro, Smithsburg and Clear Spring County Branches. In order to use the computers in these locations using SAM:

  • A valid library card in good standing is required. A valid card is defined as one without blocks, excess fines (over the $6 allowed limit), past expiration, or otherwise barred.
  • Maryland residents may apply for a library card with proper ID, or may register a valid library card from another Maryland library system.
  • Out-of-state library visitors must present valid Photo ID to be issued a visitor’s card, a temporary ID usable for that day only.

Logging on to the Computers

You may sit down at any available computer where you see the SAM Welcome Screen, and log-on using your 14-digit library card number (no spaces) and PIN.

    • Users with a new library card will have to set their PIN. Enter your card number (no spaces) into the Welcome Screen, then enter the PIN you would like to use. Re-type your PIN into the pop-up box to confirm. This will be the PIN you use every time you log-on to the computer
    • If all of the computers are in use, please see the information desk staff to get in line for the next available terminal.
    • Computer time limits are as follows:
  • 40 computers located next to the 3rd floor Information Desk
  • ages 14 and older
  • 4 hour limit; 1 hour sessions; unlimited log-ins until 4 hour limit is reached
Young Adult
  • 4 computers located in the 2nd floor YA Department
    2 Macintosh; keyboard and mouse must be checked out with the YA Librarian
    2 PCs
  • ages 14-18
  • 1 hour time limit
  • 8 computers located in the 2nd floor Children's Department
  • ages 13 and under
  • 1 hour limit
County Branches
  • Amount varies by location
  • 1 hour limit; time may be extended if no others are waiting


There is a 15¢ per page charge for black and white printing, and a 30¢ per page charge for color printing. You may add money to your library card prior to printing, or when you release the print job.

  • In Hagerstown, prints must be released from the Print Release Station located behind the information desk.
  • See our printing guide for step-by-step instructions on how to add money to your library card and release your print job(s).

Washington County Free Library provides for the information and life long learning needs of our community. The Library recognizes that the Internet can enable citizens to access information from around the globe, and therefore has made a commitment to provide free Internet access to all Washington County citizens. The Internet enables the Library to provide a wealth of information services that goes beyond its traditional collection and resources and which would be too extensive and costly to acquire in print format.

Like all Library resources, the Web Access terminals must be shared and used in a manner which respects the rights of others. Public terminals may be used for any purpose except for those prohibited below. In Hagerstown, there is a 4 hour time limit on computer terminals. Users may log-on as many times as they want until the 4 hour time limit is reached. If the computers are full, users will be limited to 1 hour sessions, but may use the remainder of their time later in the day. In the County Branches, users are limited to 1 hour, but time may be extended at the discretion of staff if there is nobody waiting.

The Internet is a global network of networks operated by a variety of providers and creators. The Library has no control over the resources these entities make available to Internet users.

Before you access the Internet at WCFL, you should be aware:

  • Not all sources on the Internet have information that is accurate, complete, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all citizens.
  • The Library is unable to monitor or control the content of the materials on the Internet, which change rapidly and unpredictably.
  • Parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 are responsible for their children's use of the Internet. The Library urges parents to have frank, open and frequent discussions with their children concerning what they consider proper use of the Internet.
  • Activities which disrupt the Library or its network are prohibited.
  • Viewing of pages which display graphic sexual content or nudity is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited.
  • The Web Access computer equipment and software must be used as installed. Attempts to reconfigure the system, install new software or run personal software are prohibited.
  • Printing is available using a print management system. There is a cost for printing. Duplication of certain materials may be prohibited under U. S. Copyright laws.
  • Downloading is permitted.

Violation of these rules and procedures will result in loss of Web Access privileges.

Attempts to sabotage, mutilate, or injure Library owned software or equipment are strictly prohibited under the Annotated Code of Maryland, 23-408.