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Reader's Corner

Do you love to read, but aren't sure what you'd like to read next? Here's where we can help, with recommendations, news, and websites

  • Personalized Book PicksComplete the form and we will send you a personalized list of books to read. 
  • Goodreads: A very popular social reading site, where you can keep personal lists, get recommendations, discuss books with other members, get news about authors and books, and more.
  • NoveList: A comprehensive website about fiction for all ages - if you're outside the library, just sign in with your library card.
  • Books & Authors: Books & Authors is a new resource that offers ways to explore the endless possibilities and combinations of books, authors and topics.
  • LibraryThing: A website where you can keep a list of your books, get recommendations based on what you've liked, and participate in forums about books and authors.
  • Fiction Connection: A website to aid you in finding books that you want to read, based on books you've already read and liked, or on a vast array of clickable subjects.
  • Non-Fiction Connection: A website that organizes the universe of non-fiction books by topic, genre, setting, character, location, and time period. You can browse for inspiration, search for a particular term, or have the database identify books that are similar to a book you like.
  • What's Next: A great resource when you're looking for the complete list of books in a series, and what order they were written in.

Our libraries host numerous book clubs at the branches. Also, we have a club that provides excerpts of interesting new books in daily emails, plus a website where you can share comments with other readers. Or maybe you'd like ideas for reading with kids - that's here, too!

  • Online Book Club: Get excerpts of books delivered right to your email - a new book every week - plus a website where you can discuss the books.
  • TumbleBooks: Online books for kids as well as puzzles, games, and language learning. Tumblebooks are fully illustrated, sometimes animated, books -- with text and audio so children can be read-to or read-along.
  • BookFlix: A reading website for kids up to 3rd grade, which pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks.


Here's where you can keep up with what's happening at your library and in the world of books, read reviews from many publications, and check out our recommendations of great sites for people who love to read.

  • Books in Print: A website where you can search for any book currently in print or soon-to-be-published (and most that are out of print, too), to get details about the book, read reviews, and find out whether the book is available in stores.
  • Booklist: A huge collection of book reviews by the professional reviewers of the American Library Association. You can browse by age group and topic, or search for a particular book or author.
  • BookPage: Another excellent book review site, BookPage has suggestions on new print titles, audiobooks, books recently seen on TV or in the movies, and more. This site is from the same folks who provide the print version of BookPage, a magazine available in the library.