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Our Leadership with three orange arrows pointing to image of Library leaders standing together.


Image of Jenny Bakos, Executive Director
Jenny Bakos

Executive Director

Image of Kathleen O'Connell, Director of Public Services
Kathleen O'Connell

Director of Public Services

Image of Jennifer Keysor, Director of Operations
Jennifer Keysor

Director of Operations

Image of Elizabeth Hulett, Director, Western Maryland Regional Library
Elizabeth Hulett

Director, Western Maryland Regional Library

Image of Sarah McCall, Business Manager
Sara McCall

Chief Financial Officer

Images of Frances Lockley, Human Resources
Frances Lockley

Human Resources

Image of Sarah Nadeau, Public Relations
Sarah Nadeau

Public Relations

Department Heads

Image of Delissa Key, Branch Services
Delissa Key

Branch Services

Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.
Laura Schnackenberg

Bookmobile & Outreach Services

Image of Mary Lachemann, Circulation
Mary Lachemann


Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.
Kaitlin Thornberry

Collection Management

Image of Shannon Kraushaar, Information Services
Shannon Kraushaar

Information Services

Image of Ian Seibert, Information Technology
Ian Seibert

Information Technology

Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.
Dasha' Johnson


Image of Jeff Ridgeway, Youth Services
Jeff Ridgeway

Youth Services

Branch Managers

Jennifer Ross, Branch Manager of Boonsboro and Keedysville Libraries.
Jennifer Ross

Boonsboro/Keedysville Branch Manager

White woman with brown shoulder-length hair, glasses, and a black and white crosshatched blazer
Leigh Snyder

Clear Spring Branch Manager

Pamela Mann, Hancock Branch Manager.
Pamela Mann

Hancock Branch Manager

Barbara Twigg, Sharpsburg Branch Manager.
Barbara Twigg

Sharpsburg Branch Manager

Tammy Gantz, Smithsburg Branch Manager.
Tammy Gantz

Smithsburg Branch Manager

Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.
Jennifer Raab

Williamsport Branch Manager



Image of Mr. Stephen Schuette, President
Mr. Stephen Schuette


Image of Kimberly Hasley, Vice President
Kimberly Halsey

Vice President

Image of Al Martin, Treasurer
Al Martin


Image of Aaron Peteranecz, Board
Aaron Peteranecz
Image of Katharine Oliver, Board
Katharine Oliver
Image of Kristine McGee, Board
Kristine McGee
Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.
Laurie Bender
Headshot silhouette of man.
Headshot silhouette of woman with long hair.

Board Meetings and Meeting Minutes

Please see the WCFL Board Meeting Procedures for information about board meetings and public comment.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 8, 2023 from 12pm-2pm.

Meeting Agenda